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I have the expertise and hardware resources to develop for all the above technologies and more. My main interests are open source (especially Linux), Android and games. My recent work has mostly been experimentation and learning based around OpenGL ES 2.0 (and the nearest equivalent desktop OpenGL) and WebGL.


This was my flagship project, but is no longer under development, due to gnome-terminal catching up in most features that mattered to me, and roxterm's code needing major overhauling to cope with recent changes to GTK+3 and take it forward for Wayland and GTK+4.

It can be found Sourceforge and github.

Repton 3

I recently re-implemented this classic game as a web app (a point of interest is that all rendering, including the GUI, is in WebGL, use of the HTML DOM is minimal). Superior Interactive own copyright of the graphics and level data, so I can't release this, but they might let me release a limited playable demo, otherwise I'll probably make some Youtube videos to demonstrate it.


A game I designed myself, originally in the mid-1990s for the Acorn Archimedes. Later I rewrote it in python for Linux (it should work in OS X and Windows too, but it's harder to install python etc on Windows), and then Java for Android. It has its own page on Sourceforge.

Flexitime TM plugin

A plugin for XAseco/TrackMania allowing the race time limit to be changed on the fly. It's written in PHP and available from github.

Parallax 3D for Android

Parallax 3D is a 3D rendering library for GWT, Google's project enabling web apps to be written in Java, with an API based on three.js. In 2015 I ported it to Android. I didn't test it very thoroughly, but the basic tests worked well. A demo is avaialable on Google Play. My fork is presumably out of date with respect to the master version, but I believe at least some of my code is being used to make version 2.0 officially support Android.


gnvim is a GUI for neovim. gnvim is written in C++ with GTK+3, using a GtkTextView to display the text. This was going to be an attempt to combine a first class vim UX with a first class GUI, but neovim isn't up to the job, so this project has gone the way of the other gnvim GUIs.


I recently developed a new site for Uptime Networks, a company run by a friend of mine, using Bootstrap and a little bit of WebGL. It gave me the impetus to bring my HTML+CSS knowledge up-to-date and then apply it to my own site.