Superior Interactive PC retro games

These games are a must for anyone who ever owned a BBC or Electron and would like to relive the good old days on a Windows PC, without having to put up with the low resolution 4 colour graphics of the originals.

Repton 1

When the original Repton appeared it heralded a new era of great quality games with enduring gameplay for the BBC and Electron. Repton 1 is the obvious introduction to the series. This version includes new level sets both for children and experienced fans.

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Repton 2

For me this is the ultimate Repton. If I awarded a Game of the Year for 2004, Repton 2 would beat Half Life 2. All the levels are interlinked by teleporters, so not only do you have to solve each one, some have to be solved in the right order to complete the game successfully. The addition of save points to the PC version makes this achievement a realistic possibility at last! It also includes two new level sets, for beginners and experts. The expert set is even better than the original.

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A classic top-down view graphic adventure. Ravenskull was one of the first where you could tell what puzzles you were solving instead of having to guess which green gizmo removed which obstructive pink blob. Now the PC graphics make it even clearer. Again this includes an extra level set not seen in the original.

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Platform graphical adventures were very popular on the BBC. Ricochet stood out because of its novel control system and by having multiple levels in which you actually had a chance of getting somewhere. As always, Superior's PC revamp has improved graphics and sound and extra levels.

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Superior Interactive's website contains several more great games. Please visit via one of the links on this page so they know I referred you.