Enhancements etc for the ROX desktop environment

ROX is my favourite desktop environment. Here are some bits and pieces I've written for it. See also ROXTerm and tgauge.


SysBars is a panel applet, written in python, to provide a simple readout, in bar from, of system resource usage. It's compatible with both ROX and GNOME.

It probably only runs on Linux systems with a fairly recent kernel (definitely at least 2.6.x) but it can be extended to support other systems. It can also be extended to support other readouts besides CPU, memory and swap usage and disk and network throughput.

Details about the public git repository for SysBars are at http://repo.or.cz/w/SysBars.git; the URLs for the repository itself are git://repo.or.cz/SysBars.git and http://repo.or.cz/r/SysBars.git. Alternatively you can download the release tarball for version 0.1.3.


XDGStart's purpose is to manage XDG autostart desktop entries as used by GNOME and the latest C version of ROX-Session (and KDE?). This capplet is available by git; see http://repo.or.cz/w/XDGStart.git for details or use one of the following URLs with the git commands: git://repo.or.cz/XDGStart.git or http://repo.or.cz/r/XDGStart.git. Alternatively download the release tarball:

Download XDGStart 0.2.0

XDGStart was formerly known as AutoStart but had its name changed to avoid a clash with a similar existing application.

Firefox App wrapper

More than just a wrapper, this program launches a Mozilla-based browser, opening a URL in a new tab of an existing window if the browser is already running. It can cope with sound daemons and deals intelligently with local URLs, including the extra complications arising when running the browser in a chroot environment - useful for AMD64 users who have to resort to 32-bit for a usable Flash plugin. See the AppRun script for more details.

Download Firefox App wrapper 0.4.1


I made some improvements to Pager; most importantly correcting its aspect ratio.

Download Pager 1.2

It's also available by svn from the Sourceforge ROX project site.


TaskList is an old panel applet for showing a list of buttons to select and manipulate the windows on your desktop. I've brought it up to date. See its Changes file for details. In addition to libwnck this version also needs ROX-CLib.

Download TaskList 0.6