Mail tools

Scripts for managing mail in mbox format.


amx stands for Automated Mail eXpiry. It reads an mbox file and outputs a new version with messages older than a given number of days (based on when they were received) removed and optionally appended to a different file. It can be configured not to expire messages with certain flags.

Download amx 1.4


This perl script takes an mbox file and appends it to one called "output" in a working directory (if the working directory or the output file don't exist they will be created). Any messages in the new mbox file which are duplicates of messages in an existing output file are skipped.

Other files are added to the working directory during the process to speed up indexing etc, and these should be preserved and the output file left unchanged if the latter is to be added to again.

Use catmailuniq --help to see usage syntax.

Download catmailuniq 1.1