Magazine clippings

For some reason someone keeps giving my mum bundles of old magazines even though she isn't a dentist. I read them on the bog and every so often I come across something amazing and feel moved to scan it (on a scanner mistakenly rescued from a skip).

Attempt to disguise a radiator valve No, I think it looks like some joker's dumped a plastic f***ing coffee cup on your radiator.


Unamusing story involving a helmet How I rocked with laughter.


A very unfunny joke Ever found a joke so funny that you keep thinking of it at odd moments and laughing out loud in public so everybody thinks you're mad? Avoid the embarrassment by reading jokes like this instead. By the way, the column title was "Rude Jokes".


I suspect this vibrating appliance wasn't originally designed as a neck massager I hear this lady gives great neck jobs.